A Blockchain Academy for SE Asia

Project AlgoTrain by IBF Net involves setting up a blockchain academy for the Nusantara region with the following objectives

1. Build a community of professionals well-versed in blockchain and other emerging technologies with a sharp focus on the Algorand protocol

2. Partner with colleges and universities to introduce blockchain education in their education programs and setting up student clubs - Algorand Stasiuns - as communities of (Algorand) blockchain enthusiasts.

3. Train software professionals, full-stack developers in Algorand protocol and offer short-term certification programs

4. Translate Algorand resources in English language to Bahasa Indonesia and Melayu

5. Conduct webinars, workshops on a regular basis

6. Design and offer courses in online and personal contact format

Why Nusantara?

IBF Net aims to develop human resources for the blockchain-driven businesses and economies in the Nusantara region that customarily includes Indonesia (population 267 million) and Malaysia (population 33 million). Both the countries have embarked on a technology-driven economic transformation. This demands a steady supply of human resources well-versed in emerging technologies, such as, cloud computing and blockchain, big data and analytics, IoT and what-have-you

The Nusantara region is known for its creative people and start-ups. Indonesia has consistently been ranked high as a country with a large number of start-ups. As the results of a 2018 study show, Indonesia is ranked 6th after USA, India, UK, Canada and Germany and ahead of France, Australia, Spain and Brazil with 1944 start-ups in the list of TOP TEN countries with the highest number of start-ups in the world.

Project AlgoTrain is supported by some well-known experts in the field that include:

  1. Dr. Mohammed Obaidullah
  2. Agus Wicaksono
  3. Dr. Nida Khan
  4. Dr. Kinan Salim
  5. Dr. Moutaz Abojeib