Southeast Asia is on the path towards a fast technology-driven economic transformation. This calls for a strong supply of  human  resources  well-versed  in  emerging  technologies,  such  as,  cloud computing, blockchain, big data, analytics, and IoT etc. There is a significant skill-shortage in the market and a lack of access to the latest research and cutting edge technologies.

To bridge this gap, IBF Net has partnered with Algorand Foundation to bring the innovative world of Algorand Blockchain to students and professionals across the Nusantara region via its latest project – AlgoTrain. With AlgoTrain, IBF Net is aiming to build a world class training academy that produces a community of professionals well-versed in blockchain and other emerging technologies. IBF Net is also working with numerous colleges and universities across the region to introduce and make blockchain education more accessible for students along with providing online certifications and webinars. 

Algorand aims to create an ecosystem that gives everyone the opportunity to participate. It is built on the driving principles of superfast transactions, performance simplicity and adoption. It claims to have resolved the well-known blockchain trilemma of scale, decentralization and security. This is indeed one of the most formidable challenges in the blockchain industry. Add to that, Algorand is one of the most energy-efficient networks in the industry. Algorand is also among the few blockchain giants to seek Shariah compliance that clearly displays its respect for plurality and cultural diversity.

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IBF Net is a leading education provider that was founded in 1999 as the maiden online community in the field. It was awarded the Global Excellence Award by International Islamic Finance Forum (IIFF) in 2007 for its pioneering initiative in developing the first ever suite of certification programs in Islamic banking, insurance and investments. Currently, it has a presence in Malaysia, Singapore, India and Ireland.



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